Prince William gave a British restaurant customer the surprise of their life. While on an official visit to the city of Birmingham, William and his wife Kate Middleton stopped by a popular Indian restaurant, and the prince took a call from a customer looking to book a table. The customer said he had no idea he was speaking to royalty and told the BBC it was "amazing and a surprise." The royals also visited the restaurant's kitchen and met the all-women team of chefs.


A French skier shared a terrifying video of his fal last yearl into a massive crevasse while skiing in the Alps. He's wearing a helmet camera, which captures the snow crumbling beneath his skis as he free falls. The skier's team was able to rescue him, telling The Telegraph that the rescue was "the longest 20 minutes of our lives." The fall happened last April, but the team waited until now to post the video since it was such a terrifying close call. 


In the past two weeks, The Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center has rescued over 500 abandoned baby animals in the area.That count includes more than 250 ducklings, 80 opossums, 80 hummingbirds, 60 squirrels, and a dozen raccoons. Over the next several months, the center will make sure the baby animals are safe and healthy, and then they will release them back into the wild. The influx is out of the ordinary, with the organization's executive director saying "we were raining babies!"

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