Plenty is known about marijuana's health and medicinal benefits, but there's less attention being paid to advancements in psychedelics. Writer and performer Adam Strauss, along with Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies Executive Director Rick Doblin, join us to discuss the new show that tracks one man's quest to use mushrooms to cure his severe OCD. . Strauss's "The Mushroom Cure" is his one-man show that exposes the hilarious truth behind his road to recovery. Strauss says he tried multiple specialists and mainstream treatment methods before resorting to using mushrooms. He and Doblin explain why M.A.P.S. decided to partner with the entertainer to help sponsor the show. Together, they give an update on the latest research showing how psychedelics can help cure mental health issues such as OCD and PTSD. Finally, Doblin reveals why a cryptocurrency millionaire just gave an anonymous donation to his organization. He considers how Bitcoin's popularity can help advance M.A.P.S' mission to find medical uses of psychedelics. Strauss also reveals whether the alternative treatment method actually worked in ridding him of his obsessive symptoms.

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