NBC is hitting the ground running in 2018. The company is broadcasting the Golden Globes, the Super Bowl, and the Pyeongchang’s 2018 Winter Olympics. And to shake things up, the media giant is focusing on marrying digital and linear content strategies. The action plan’s goal is to give viewers whatever they need, whether they’re at home, work, or on the go. Linda Yaccarino, NBC Universal’s Chairwoman of Advertising Sales & Client Partnerships, says that next year, advertisers are concerned with content and dominance on all platforms. “It’s more of a multi-screen opportunity, [as opposed to] one versus the other,” she said. The executive told Cheddar that the hardest part of marketing to the modern consumer is not falling back on legacies of process and commitment. Consumers have drastically changed the way they absorb content and make purchasing decisions. Yaccarino, who manages $10 billion in ad sales, says marketers need to change up their strategies. “Buying, planning, and executing media happens today pretty much the same way it’s always happened,” she says. “We have to really challenge the industry processes to reflect consumer behavior.” For full interview [click here.] ( https://cheddar.com/videos/nbcuniversals-linda-yaccarino-expect-1-billion-in-revenue-for-2018-olympics)

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