Wondering what to watch this weekend? We suggest Mario & Luigi, Meghan Markle before royalty, a bust out of jail guide and perhaps the greatest musician ever!

The Super Mario Bros. Movie - Peacock

Picked by Senior Editor Dina Ross

The hottest movie of the year (if Barbenheimer isn't your thing) is about to hit Peacock! Today, Mario and Luigi are saving Princess Peach exclusively on the streaming service. The fun plot, colorful scenes and funky music made this film a hit in theaters back in April. I imagine if you have kids - and Peacock - this film will be on repeat for the rest of the summer.

Throwback Picks

Suits - Netflix, Peacock

Picked by Growth Associate Keara O’Driscoll

It seems everyone is watching Suits this summer, so I feel as though I might hop on this trend. Being a huge Royal Family fan, I knew of Suits as the show where Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, was known for being a main cast member. That and an article I read recently reporting that Suits had set a streaming record for being the most streamed library, with 3.14 billion minutes watched, makes me feel this might be something worth checking out.

Prison Break - Hulu

Picked by Lawrence Banton

I have pretty much been using the summer as a time to go back to some classic tv shows and movies that I have already watched. I decided to give Avatar: The Last Airbender a break and went back to Prison Break. A man's brother was framed for the killing of a family member of the Vice President and his commitment to break him spawned five glorious seasons of, sometimes ridiculous, events to keep you entertained. There's even a film spinoff, Prison Break: The Final Break, that was created because of the lure the show had on its audience. It's definitely one you can start binging on a random rainy Saturday.

Purple Rain - Apple TV+ ($3.99 rental)

Picked by Newsletter Writer Graison Dangor

I'm from Minnesota, and before I fly there for a long weekend to visit family, I need to confront something that has weighed on me for years: I have never seen Purple Rain, Prince's 1984 rock opera and perhaps the most famous film set in the state. Would you like to take this journey with me? Come, let us purify ourselves in the waters of Lake Minnetonka.

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