Michael Harriot, columnist at The Root, and Jarad Geldner, Senior Advisor at The Democratic Coalition, discuss the FCC's vote to repeal net neutrality, the Obama-era regulations that restricted internet service providers from prioritizing certain sites and apps over others. Harriot weighs in on what the move would mean for politics. Internet service providers will be able to allow or block ads of certain political parties of their choice, or possibly ones that have bought ad space or invested in their company. We ask Geldner what the U.S. government stands to gain from the move, adding that it simply seems like a handout to big internet companies, allowing them to take advantage of consumers. Harriot notes his surprise that major companies like Google, Facebook, and Netflix have not been as vocal recently about their opposition to the net neutrality repeal. Harriot says that content creators like Netflix stand to lose the most. Geldner talks about various litigation against the repeal, including a fight from the Democratic Coalition.

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