There are less than two weeks left for Americans to file their 2021 taxes on time. While nobody loves tax season, taxpayer money is the primary revenue source that helps maintain a functioning government, provides resources to bolster infrastructure, and funds public services.

At Cheddar, we know this can be one of the more stressful times of the year, so we've decided to partner with the tax experts at Jackson Hewitt to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

What documents do I need to gather if I plan on self-filing through an online service?

If you plan on filing your taxes through an online preparer, you will need several items on-hand before diving into the work. 

Filers should also be aware of potential scams and ensure they are using reputable and trustworthy tax filing services. Many online systems have unexpected charges, even though they present themselves as free filing services. 

For more information on what documents you will need ahead of Tax Day 2022, you can check out this list from Jackson Hewitt.

This tax advice is brought to you by our partner Jackson Hewitt.

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