Markets have hinted at a sector rotation out of high-momentum stocks. High-flyers such as Tesla, Nvidia, and Square have been among the top investments over the past year. Eric Marshall, President and Director of Research for Hodges Capital Management stopped by Cheddar to discuss whether tech stocks can continue their run higher into 2018. Marshall says he is encouraged by indications that there may be a shift to more value-oriented segments of the market. His firm is particularly optimistic for consumer-related names and transports. Marshall sees a rotation out of momentum stocks as healthy for markets, which he says keeps equity valuations in check. Marshall also spots a turnaround for American Eagle. He says his firm likes retail at these levels because they are under-owned. Marshall adds that some retail stocks have been "thrown out with the bathwater," and thinks the adoption of e-commerce and the shutting down of stores could revive the company.

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