Congressman Adriano Espaillat represents the 13th district of New York. He recently secured a $500 million grant to benefit his constituents by providing public services and stimulating economic growth. Nearly one million dollars will go towards funding the "Upward Bound" program, which gives training to young people to help them achieve big goals, like attending some of the best universities in the country. Representative Espaillat is the first Dominican American to serve in Congress. At age nine, he immigrated to America with his family. The congressman has a strong connection to DACA recipients who have lost their protection against deportation under the Trump administration. He urges members on both sides to vote in support of The DREAM Act to give young immigrants a chance at the American Dream. Congressman Espaillat believes Republicans hold the future of young people "hostage." He also says President Trump's decision to remove temporary protection status for 200,000 Salvadorans does not surprise him but is still "unamerican and very sad." As both parties inch towards the midterm elections this November, Espaillat is confident Democrats will mobilize and win back the House of Representatives.

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