As streaming services come up with new and innovative ways to get more subscribers, the market is making room for the mobile short-form streaming platform Quibi, which is set to launch in April.

Quibi's Chief Product Officer Tom Conrad is confident that the new platform's content will stand out among its peers with unique offerings. "We're the only service you can turn too for that Hollywood-style experience in between moments throughout your day," Conrad told Cheddar at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Two of the features that will set Quibi apart from other streaming services will be its focus on the mobile screen experience and its short-form content. "We're laser-focused on taking advantage of this incredible trend of people consuming more and more video on their mobile phone on the go," Conrad said.

During its keynote at CES, the company demonstrated some of the new technology the platform will have including the 'Turnstyle' feature that will allow users to go from full-screen landscape viewing to full-screen portrait mode seamlessly. "It's giving more tools to creators and we would like to open up more of those tools over time, to see what else creators can come up with," Rob Post, chief technology officer, told Cheddar.

Conrad said the idea of the 'Turnstyle' feature came from having conversations and getting feedback from the Quibi creators. "We have this really unique opportunity to have our content be a real collaboration between creators and technologists," Conrad said.

Quibi will be offering two subscription plans: an ad-supported plan, which will cost $4.99 and an ad-free option for $7.99. "It's a great way to get a much larger audience into an experience," Conrad said.

With an already crowded market of streaming services Post says their team's collective experience and gut instincts tell them Quibi is something consumers will enjoy. "Yes, there are a lot of places to watch content but we think what we're doing is a little bit differentiated and a little bit more compelling," Post said.

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