Netflix is launching a reboot of the classic reality series, “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.” The new version, “Queer Eye,” introduces a new Fab 5, and MTV’s The Real World alum Karamo Brown joins the team as the culture expert. Brown stopped by cheddar to chat about about the streaming service’s foray into original reality programming. "Netflix has been on the forefront, in my opinion, of bringing characters that a lot of times you don't see,” Brown says. “So it was a natural fit for them to want to come into the reality space, but do it in a way that you are showing new characters." The original Bravo series ran from 2003-2007 and picked up an Emmy along the way. This update doesn’t just add a new cast, it changes focus: while the original pushed for tolerance, this one pushes for acceptance. Additionally, the reboot takes place in Atlanta, GA, a red state, while the original was set in New York City. Brown says the show isn't just about a physical transformation, but also a well-rounded one that allows for personal growth. The update will also get more socially conscious, covering topics such as LGBTQ rights, community-police relations, and more. "We dive into some deeper issues while we are still having fun, which is kind of awesome," says Brown. Brown also explains what each of his co-stars will bring to the table as the Fab Five. Bobby Berk is the show’s design expert, Antoni Porowski will handle food and wine, Jonathan Van Ness will run point on grooming, and Tan France will heads up the fashion department. "Queer Eye" will be available to stream worldwide on Netflix February 7, 2018. To watch the full interview, [click here] (,

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