The alternative milk industry just got a new player: Táche Pistachio Milk.

Co-founder Roxana Saidi has had the product in the works for years now. The family-run and female- and minority-founded operation was born when Saidi and her father and co-founder, Morteza Saidi, saw a hole in the $21.4 billion plant-based milk market.

Táche officially launched in the U.S. on Wednesday. When asked why the market hasn’t seen pistachio milk on the shelves to date, Saidi said the answer is pretty simple: supply chain. 

“Knowing that it’s a challenge to obtain high-quality pistachios at an affordable price, I went into it knowing that this wasn’t a product I was interested in pursuing if it was going to have a really high price point,” Saidi said. 

Not only does Táche claim multiple health benefits of pistachio milk, but it is also offering a more eco-conscious choice in the milk alternative market.

"[UNESCO] research found that almonds require a lot of water," said Saidi. The same report noted that pistachios require notably less, making the water footprint significantly smaller. 

The brand’s focus on being an eco-friendly choice isn’t the only thing on its radar: It also has a philanthropic aspect. The company is working on a partnership with the Lower East Side Girls Club to donate a portion of its profits to support education and entrepreneurship for girls and young women. When asked about the specific mission of the partnership, Saidi said, “For me, that started back in my twenties. I mentored homeless teen girls at a homeless shelter for a few years and I knew in starting this company that that impact had a lasting impression on me.”

Táche is making its initial debut in independent grocers, on its website and in some cafes and bakeries in New York City.

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