San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón says three other California cities reached out to his office after he announced this week the city is wiping out Marijuana convictions dating back to 1975. Cheddar's Baker Machado spoke with Gascón about why he felt it was so important to clear these convictions. "We've had now three different jurisdictions that have approached me, and my office this morning," said Gascón. "People in California are tired of the war on drugs, they are tired of the war on marijuana." With San Francisco's move more than 3,000 misdemeanor convictions will be dismissed, and sealed automatically. Nearly 5,000 felony marijuana convictions will be reviewed for potential reduction, and resentencing said Gascón. "We wanted to provide immediate relief for our community," said Gascón. "We are very concerned about the conversation at the national level where we have our Attorney General talking about marijuana being an existential threat to the American way of life."

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