Angela Ruggiero, Olympic gold medalist and CEO and co-founder of Sports Innovation Lab, joins Cheddar live from PyeongChang, South Korea to share her thoughts on the first week of the Olympics. She also discusses the technology she's been seeing at the games. She made headlines this week when she called for the first-ever joint Korea women's hockey team to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Ruggiero was at the team's first game and says the way the team brought citizens of North Korea and South Korea together was incredible. She also comments on the shift taking place in Olympic sponsorships. Food and beverage companies like McDonald's are moving away from the games, while tech companies like Alibaba are stepping up and integrating tech into the games themselves. Ruggiero also discusses the technology she's seen at the games, noting the games are being broadcast in 8K for the first time. The games are also using anti-drones to stop and catch illegal drones hovering over events.

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