These are the headlines you Need 2 Know. * **Military Crash:** Five Marines are missing after a midair collision 200 miles off the coast of Japan. The crash happened during routine training. Seven Marines were involved; two were rescued. One of the rescued is in “fair” condition and officials say the other was being evaluated at a hospital. Read more [here]( * **Bush Funeral:** President George W. Bush gave a moving tribute to his dad, the 41st president, at his state funeral, breaking down as he called him “the best father a son or daughter could have.” Looking on: Presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump ー a rare gathering of all living U.S. presidents. Read more [here]( * **George & Michelle Moment:** Bush offered a warm welcome to the gathered dignitaries, at one point slipping something into Michelle Obama’s hand (maybe a candy), just as he did during the funeral for John McCain. Read more [here]( * **Trump & Clintons Tensions:** President Trump shook hands with both Obamas as he took his seat in the front pew, but he and the Clintons did not interact. Hillary Clinton nodded at Melania, then stared straight ahead. Read more [here]( * **Lame Ducks:** Wisconsin Republicans advanced a bill that will weaken the incoming Democratic governor and shift power to the GOP-controlled legislature. Now the Republican legislature in neighboring Michigan is following suit with a plan to strip power of the newly elected governor, secretary of state and AG. Read more [here]( * **USA Gymnastics:** USA Gymnastics has filed for bankruptcy amid 100 lawsuits it’s facing connected to disgraced doctor Larry Nassar. Nassar pleaded guilty to molesting 10 girls and stands accused of abusing many more. The governing body says it has no plans to close its doors; filing for bankruptcy reportedly allows for a hold on all litigation. Read more [here]( * **Facebook Data:** Internal Facebook emails released by UK lawmakers show that Facebook gave its mountains of personal data to certain companies it deemed preferential, like Airbnb and Netflix, and punished others like Twitter. The emails also show executives considered charging third-party developers for access to user data. Facebook responded by saying the emails were misleading. Read more [here]( * **The King:** Lebron James is so dominant that a lot of other superstars don’t want to play with him. Kevin Durant said there’s so much scrutiny surrounding Lebron and so much “fawning” over him from the media, that it’s scaring away top players from joining the Lakers and creating a truly great team. Lebron responded by dropping 42 points last night. Read more [here]( * **Spotted:** Bradley Cooper with his daughter, Lea De Seine. The actor’s daughter was all bundled up as they stepped out in New York City. See the photo [here]( * **Tom Cruise PSA:** Tom Cruise wants you to know you’re watching movies all wrong. The actor took a break from filming the Top Gun sequel to deliver a PSA about “motion smoothing,” a factory setting on many new TVs that filmmakers and actors say takes away from the cinematic experience of film, leaving them with a “soap opera effect.” Read more [here]( * **Jessica vs. Natalie:** Jessica Simpson is calling out Natalie Portman for recent comments about a years-old magazine cover of Simpson. Portman said she was “confused” by the cover of Simpson in a bikini, saying she was a virgin. Simpson tagged Portman in her post, telling her “being sexy in a bikini” and “being proud” of her body “aren’t synonymous with having sex,” adding she’s made it a practice “to not shame other women.” Portman apologized, saying she meant it as a critique of the media. See the post [here]( Cheddar's Hena Doba gets into the latest. Subscribe to the Need 2 Know newsletter [here](

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