You may love weed, alcohol, and tobacco, but would you also like to invest in those things? AdvisorShares thinks you will. The actively managed exchange-traded funds company recently launched AdvisorShares VICE ETF, the only ETF solely concentrating on companies associated with alcohol, cannabis, and tobacco. Dan Ahrens is a Managing Director and Portfolio Manager at AdvisorShares, and he joins Cheddar to explain why investing in the VICE ETF is a good idea. Ahrens explains that those three industries tend to be stable despite the general market volatility. Ahrens is also bullish on the future of cannabis. He believes the legalization and federal recognition of the substance will only expand. As for alcohol, there has also been growth in that field. The alcohol industry had supplier revenue increase by 4.5% to $25.2 billion last year. Ahrens anticipates the field to continue improving.

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