The Parkland shootings are forcing parents to grapple with how to talk to their children about gun violence. Parents Magazine's Liz Vaccariello joins Cheddar to discuss how to approach these challenging conversations. We consider the issue in the light of the wave of national high school walkouts in protest of gun laws. The editor-in-chief says a child's age should dictate the tone of the conversation. She encourages parents to remain calm, and reminds them that children will likely absorb and reflect an adult's emotional experience. We also learn why it's so important to provide an environment where kids feel comfortable voicing their feelings about the issue. Then, Vaccariello addresses what to do if a child feels afraid to go to school because of the Parkland shooting. She stresses the need to make kids feel safe and remind them the adults in their lives are looking out for them. She also addresses parents who have second thoughts about sending their kids to school in light of the tragedy.

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