Survios is an LA-based VR studio focusing on games and experiences that incorporate "active VR." Co-founder and CEO Nathan Burba and Director of Product Hunter Kitagawa reveal the launch of their new musical experience, "Electronauts." It allows users of all skill levels to make, perform, and DJ music in a virtually immersive world. Burba and Kitagawa walk us through the years of research and development that went into developing the new title. They share the new technology that powers this unique experience. Called the Music Reality Engine, the tech introduces a new instrument and format for interactive music media. Finally, we learn how Survios created the first VR game to generate $1 million in sales in one month. Burba and Kitagawa break down the company's "fluid locomotion" style of virtual movement. They say it eliminates nausea and motion sickness from the VR experience.

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