Silicon Valley might grab all the headlines, but New York isn't far behind as America's number-two tech hub. Grand Central Tech's Matt Harrigan joins Cheddar to discuss what it will take to bring big tech to the Big Apple. He shares his experience building an incubator for over 100 companies sharing 100,000 square feet of space in Manhattan. Harrigan considers the various benefits New York has going for it as a potential technology capital. He reveals that New York's biggest unicorn of 2016 wasn't a start-up, but rather the Broadway musical "Hamilton." Harrigan uses this example as evidence that the city's diversity and culture give it a leg up on other metropolitan areas. Finally, Grand Central Tech's co-founder and general manager discusses the company's focus on diversity. He says 50% of the platform's companies are female founded, and nearly 30% were started by veterans or persons of color. He explains how this refutes tech's reputation as a monochromatic boys' club.

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