Gamelancer is offering high-level gamers a chance to earn a living while doing what they love. The new platform that debuted this week allows regular gamers to pay to play with elite players and streaming influencers.

"Currently we realized the only way to make revenue right now as a gamer is the traditional streaming route or becoming an e-sports professional, which are very hard initiatives to take on," said CEO and co-founder Razvan Romanescu. "This allows streamers and gamers to connect with their audiences, and connect the two in-game for a set fee that the Gamelancer will get paid," he continued.

Gamelancer expects players to turn to the app for a variety of reasons like practicing, making friends, or expanding their circle of players.

'Some people might not have friends they want to play with so they go on Gamelancer to find the perfect individual that they might just like to talk to and game with on a regular basis.' Romanescu said.

The platform can enhance the playing experience for users who also utilize other gaming services. "We feel like this is a product that people are very excited for," said COO and co-founder Darren Lopes. "It's complementary, as well, to a Twitch, so it allows people to engage further and collaborate and play with their audience.'

The most unique thing about Gamelancer may be the freelance-for-hire aspect. Gamers can essentially name their price. When asked about the untapped market, Romanescu said the name is an important part of the concept., "That's why we coined the [phrase] 'gamelancer.'"  They expect the term to be "as powerful as the word of 'streamer', so in the future, there is a reality that exists where individuals can say they're a full-time gamelancer for a living."

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