Washington, DC  Mayor Muriel Bowser is calling for the Washington Redskins to return to their original home at RFK Stadium on the banks of the Anacostia River. But before that happens, she'd like to see the Maryland-based team follow through on changing its controversial name. 

"It's past time for the Redskins to retire that name, to get rid of that name," Bowser said. "It's hurtful to too many people."

On Monday, the NFL team announced it would be retiring the 87-year-old name and logo, and that owner Dan Snyder and head coach Ron Rivera would be considering alternatives. 

She noted that this wouldn't be the first time a DC team changed its name. 

"We have experience with a team having changed its name here in Washington," Bowser said. "People hardly remember. Our basketball team used to be called the Washington Bullets, and they became the Washington Wizards."

For Bowser, who grew up in the city she now leads, the issue runs deep.  

"As a person who grew up here in Washington, DC, loving football, and once having a championship football team, I am very eager to have the team change their name," she said.

The mayor has also expressed that now might be a good time for the team to diversify its ownership, which could help move the team back from its current stadium in Maryland. 

"We know that we want them to join the championship Capitals, the championship Mystics, and the championship Nationals in the district of champions," she said.  

As for which names (some candidates so far include Red Tails, Warriors, Red Wolves, and Hogs), she's open-minded.

"I'm going to give it more thought, and I may weigh in at some point," Bowser said. "I think that the most important part is we will have a team name that is respectful to everyone, and then we'll work on getting them back to Washington, DC."

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