Hope King joined us from the Next Web Conference, an event for technology, communication, and media businesses. One of the hot topics at the event was cybersecurity and the threats facing businesses heading into the new year. Chris Young, CEO at McAfee, spoke with us about some of the biggest trends in the space. 2017 was a year riddled with cyberattacks. Young puts the WannaCry breach at the top of the list of worst hacks for the year. In the year ahead, he expects the next wave of attacks will be the use of I.o.T devices to figure out how to physically steal something from an organization. Young also sees artificial intelligence being utilized by criminals to learn how to better attack us. Young also discussed the culture of security in corporations. He says it is a missing piece for many organizations, adding that it is important that they build an appreciation of security into their culture. The McAfree CEO says his best advice is to "assume you've been hacked" and work from there.

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