*By Chloe Aiello* Valentine's Day is typically the single biggest holiday of the year for Baked by Melissa, a popular mini cupcake company ー and this year it's shaping up to be its biggest holiday for e-commerce, too. "We had our biggest day of e-commerce in company history on Monday. Tuesday was the second biggest day," said Melissa Ben-Ishay, co-founder of Baked by Melissa. Ben-Ishay co-founded her namesake cupcakery with the help of her brother in 2008. Since then, she has sold more than 100 million of her signature mini-cupcakes and expanded to several locations in New York and New Jersey. The company's "better together" V-Day promotion ー which features flavor combinations, like strawberry and dark chocolate, that complement each other ー mirrors Ben-Ishay's belief that teamwork helped her business succeed. "You can't do anything alone. It's called Baked by Melissa, but I have an incredible team of like-minded, hardworking, passionate people who I founded the company with and continue to grow the company with," she said. "Also just recognizing your strengths, but more importantly, your weaknesses." Although Baked By Melissa now employs about 250 people, Ben-Ishay still has her hands in the batter when it comes to overseeing the brand and developing new products and recipes. She said that although the company does have new products launching in the spring, the cupcakery won't be jumping on the latest trend: CBD. "Personally, I love CBD and take it every night before I go to sleep ー a tincture under my tongue," she said. "CBD is not currently in the works, but it's not the first time I've heard or thought about it." The company also won't be branching out into making full-sized cupcakes anytime soon. "We make them small so you can try them all," Ben-Ishay said. For full interview [click here](https://cheddar.com/videos/melissa-ben-ishay).

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