YouTube’s secret to keep viewers watching content is artificial intelligence. Neal Mohan, Chief Product Officer of YouTube, told Cheddar that when the platform first launched, people used it as a search engine, but now A.I. drives 70 percent of its viewed content. “All of those videos that we recommend for you to watch and continue to watch come from machine learning,” he told Cheddar. The suggestions come from, he says, “what we learn about, what we think is going to be interesting, what we think is going to be engaging to you.” But whether those algorithms will be able to filter out questionable content remains to be seen. The streaming service, owned by Google parent Alphabet, has come under fire recently for some of the content on its site. YouTube this week demoted influencer Logan Paul from its “Preferred” program after he posted a video of what appeared to be a suicide victim in Japan. “We take maintaining safety and the quality of [our] ecosystem extremely seriously,” Mohan said, shortly before the news broke. “We have community guidelines in terms of service, and we expect all of our content creators, users, et cetera, to adhere to those guidelines. And I think that’s important to maintain and continue to grow the vibrancy of this ecosystem.” For ful interview [click here](

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