The rehab industry is getting a digital intervention. Kyle Rice is the co-founder of and joins Cheddar to discuss his company's transparent overhaul to the treatment process. The site describes itself as the Expedia of the addiction treatment industry with its 16,000-location online database. Rice explains why rehabilitation centers are so unregulated and how that makes the road to recovery even more difficult for the millions of Americans in treatment. He reveals's business plan, adding how a sponsored hotline helps the company generate revenue. Then, the co-founder puts the current state of the addiction treatment industry in the context of the opioid addiction epidemic sweeping through the United States. Finally, we discuss Google's recent decision to pull thousands of misleading AdWords for treatment centers around the country. Rice reveals how faulty marketing promises and corporate interests make recovering from addiction even harder than it already is. He explains why his company will decrease relapses and improve overall treatment quality.

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