All eyes are on Capitol Hill for President Trump's first-ever State of the Union address.'s Jack Holmes joins Cheddar to preview the event and predict how the night will play out for the Commander in Chief. The associate editor says it's safe to assume Trump will look to replicate the tone of his critically-acclaimed 2017 joint address to Congress. Holmes also breaks down the Democrats' decision to tap Rep. Joe Kennedy III (D-MA) to deliver the opposition response. He says Kennedy is representative of both a new face of the party, and a nod to the glory days of the Kennedy years. He considers whether the traditional response still matters in today's fast-paced news environment. Finally, we recap Will Ferrell's reprisal of his George W. Bush character on Saturday Night Live. Holmes discusses how the former president's legacy has benefited from the election of Donald Trump. He says SNL is trying to add perspective by reminding viewers our standard for presidential excellence is always changing.

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