Here comes the weekend again, so it's time to relax and peruse our what-to-watch list. From Sandra Oh tackling the academic ivory tower to daddies Jason Momoa and Adam Driver to a streetwear design competition, Cheddar's digital team might have a few suggestions.

The Chair - Netflix

Picked by Sr. News Editor Dina Ross

Netflix roped me in with the photo of Sandra Oh, Holland Taylor, and Nana Mensah. Sure, let's see what kind of trouble these ladies are about to get into! Turns out, it's not a haha funny show, but it's compelling. The main cast of characters is trying to hold together a failing English Department and/or their own careers at a leafy green university. I knew it was going to be a winner when Oh, upon taking over the chairmanship of the department, received a lovely gift — a desk plate that says "F***er in Charge." Where do I get one of those things anyway?

Sweet Girl - Netflix

Picked by Copy Editor Mike Nam

Whatever happened to the mid-budget movie? For years now, films that lie somewhere between the summer blockbuster and the indie darlings have been disappearing from the cinemas, but streaming platforms like Netflix (especially Netflix) have been picking up the slack with flicks like Beckett, Ice Road, and now Sweet Girl. The new release features Jason Momoa (Aquaman), a father who loses his wife after a big pharma company pulls a generic cancer drug off the market that could have saved her life. The thriller follows the dad and his daughter as he embarks on a trail of bloody revenge against the conspiracy shielding the drug company from legal action. An action/drama that seems a bit ridiculous at first comes with an interesting twist I won't go into, but butter up some popcorn and enjoy the Pittsburgh locales where the story was largely shot.

Annette - Amazon Prime

Picked by Reporter Alex Vuocolo 

Experimental French director Leos Carax is back after a nearly decade-long hiatus from making feature-length films with the Amazon Original Annette, starring Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard. The film tracks the glamorous love affair of a stand-up comedian and an opera singer, whose lives are upended by the birth of their child, the mysterious Annette. If Carax's last outing, the wildly surreal Holy Motors, is any tell, Annette won't pull any punches artistically, so go in prepared for some beautiful, if sometimes head-scratchingly abstract, filmmaking.

The Hype - HBO Max

Picked by Producer Lawrence Banton

If you’re a fan of all things fashion and, in this case, streetwear, you should check out HBO Max’s The Hype. The competition-based show follows some of the best up-and-coming streetwear designers as they look to best the field and wow celebrity judges, including Migos rapper Offset, creative director and founder of Bephies Beauty Supply Bephie Birkett, and renowned stylist Marni Senofonte. For the aspiring designer, each episode offers some unique perspective and tips that can help improve your own design approach and even help navigate the business side of the fashion industry. 

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