Here comes the weekend again, so it's time to relax and peruse our what-to-watch list. From Chadwick Boseman's last performance as Marvel's T'Challa to everyone from Val Kilmer to Naomi Osaka bearing their souls, Cheddar's digital team might have a few suggestions.

What If…? Season 1, Episode 2 - Disney+

Picked by Copy Editor Mike Nam

Yeah, it's another recommendation for the Marvel Studios animated series that shows possible alternate timelines in the MCU. However, this second episode hits a little hard as it's the last bit of acting done by the late Chadwick Boseman who completed the voicework just prior to his untimely death. The premise here is "what if" T'Challa, the Black Panther of our world, were picked up by the Ravagers instead of Peter Quill of the Guardians of the Galaxy and became Star-Lord. Boseman's impact as both a real-life actor and an iconic pop culture phenomenon is felt throughout this short animated episode.

Val - Amazon Prime

Picked by Copy Editor Mike Nam

Some know him as Iceman, Batman, Doc Holliday, Jim Morrison, or maybe even Madmartigan, but whatever the seminal character, Val Kilmer clearly was one of the top Hollywood stars during his long career. Then, in 2014, he was treated for throat cancer leaving him largely without his own voice. In July, Amazon Prime released his documentary Val, an intimate portrait of an actor who kept a huge library of personal videos and films to cull from. Narrated by his son Jack to give voice to the now near-voiceless star, the trailer states, "It's a story about my life that is also not my life." Remarkably, timed close to the documentary's release, Val Kilmer teamed up with software company Sonantic on an AI-crafted new "voice" for himself based on old recordings.

Beckett - Netflix 

Picked by Cheddar Reporter Alex Vuocolo 

The ascendancy of John David Washington — Denzel Washington's very talented son — continues with this week's release of Beckett on Netflix. The action-thriller concerns an American tourist vacationing in Greece who has become the target of a manhunt and must reach the U.S. embassy before being captured by local police. Directed by Ferdinando Cito Filomarino, a long-time collaborator of Luca Guadagnino (Call Me By Your Name, Suspiria, and A Bigger Splash), the Netflix original has gotten mixed reviews from critics, many of whom seem to take issue with its supposedly convoluted plot. But I'll be taking a look this weekend regardless: one because I love a good chase movie and two because Washington is often so good that he could easily carry the film. On top of that, Filomarino's mentor, Guadagnino, doesn't always hit the sweet spot for critics either, but fans will say he's one of the most interesting directors working today. Maybe his protégé is similarly an acquired taste. Don't arrest me if I'm wrong. 

Naomi Osaka - Netflix

Picked by Producer Lawrence Banton

Aside from being one of the greatest rising tennis stars the game has to offer, fans know very little about the woman who happens to be Naomi Osaka. Often soft-spoken and reserved when it comes to addressing the public, she has been thrust into the spotlight and forced to manage a variety of emotions for the world to assess. It has admittedly taken its toll on her. Now, fans have a chance to peel back the layers and hear Osaka herself dig into her Haitian and Japanese roots and manage all that comes with being a tennis champion.

Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy - CNN+, HBO Max

Picked by Senior News Editor Dina Ross

It may be sacrilege to suggest a CNN show in a Cheddar article, but so far management here hasn't sent any of my colleagues to Italy to film drool-worthy landscapes and — much more importantly — food. I missed several of the original airings on CNN and have been helplessly trying to find a way to stream them via my current lineup of platforms. That changes Tuesday when it comes to HBO Max. After you check out the other amazing shows and movies we recommended this weekend, settle in early next week with a delicious plate of parmigiana and perhaps a nice glass of chianti and take a little staycation to one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

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