Walmart on Monday announced a revamp of its website and app as it competes with e-commerce giant Amazon for online customers. 

"The new homepage offers a product-focused experience that better mirrors the way our customers love to shop, highlighting the items that matter most to them at any given moment – whether it’s game day or holiday," the company said in a news release. 

The site features bigger, glossier photos, live video, and a "social-inspired scroll so customers can browse our selection just as they’d scroll their favorite social media apps." 

In addition, Walmart touted improvements to the website's home for third-party sellers. "It also provides our suppliers and Marketplace sellers new opportunities to showcase more relevant products and better tell their stories," the company said. 

The overhaul come as Walmart braces for a drop in sales, and as it tries to boost sales of general merchandise, which have fallen as customers prioritize essential items such as groceries. 

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