Wake Up with Cheddar Day is officially underway and to help celebrate it: custom, bite-size cupcakes from Baked by Melissa.

Melissa Ben-Ishay, founder and owner of Baked by Melissa, presented her baked treats on the show and said the Cheddar logo inspired the colorful dessert design.

"I took a look at the logo and I needed the cupcakes to be colorful," Ben-Ishay said. "We complimented them with sprinkles and colored icing to give you a really big pop of pink and orange just like your brand." 

The New York-based cupcake company is known for its signature petite treats, and Ben-Ishay said she intentionally made them tiny so cupcake lovers would not feel guilty about eating a variety of them. "Making them just a 'bite' allowed me to try every flavor without feeling bad about it," she said. 

Baked by Melissa has 14 locations and an online shop that can ship the cupcakes around the country.

"At Baked by Melissa, we get to make people happy with our best-in-class product," Ben-Ishay said. "We have the single best gift that you can give," Ben-Ishay said.

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