*By Tracey Cheek* In the virtual-reality world, "Mission Impossible" is possible after all. VR start-up Nomadic has partnered with VRWERX and Paramount to create a "tactile" experience for the "Mission Impossible" movie franchise that will allow users to interact physically with the virtual world of the movie. Doug Griffin, CEO of Nomadic, joined Cheddar Tuesday to describe the "escape room"-style experience. "The special part is you can physically engage with that virtual world so it really feels like you're a part of it," Griffin said. This experiential version of "Mission Impossible" will be exclusively available at Nomadic's new VR center at Pointe Orlando in Orlando, Fla. ー near Disney and Universal ー in the Spring of 2019. While Griffin's latest VR ventures are in entertainment, he sees potential for the technology in a variety of fields. "I think there's a lot of opportunities, in particular education. Imagine you could as a kid walk through ancient Athens and see what it was like," said Griffin. "The opportunity to learn and experience something that cannot be real is very powerful, a lot of people call it the ultimate empathy machine." Griffin said that VR can be a major money-saver for the military and even help improve the quality of life for patients in medicine. "There's some really great use cases for people in the medical field. For instance, there's groups that are helping burn victims manage their pain by building VR experiences that sort of pull them away from that and put them in snowy environments." For full interview [click here](https://cheddar.com/videos/mission-impossible-coming-to-virtual-reality).

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