*By Taylor Craig* Smart glass windows, which automatically adjust tint to reduce heat and glare from sunlight, could reshape our office space and improve worker productivity because, as View CEO Rao Mulpuri says, "everyone wants the view." But Mulpuri told Cheddar Thursday, "The biggest reason for people to do this is to improve the human condition inside the buildings." "It's kind of like the sit-stand desk for the eye," he added View produces smart glass windows for commercial spaces that adjust tint throughout the workday, come with an IP address, and can be controlled through an app. The company recently sponsored a study that found this high-tech approach to something as common as office windows appeared to decrease worker drowsiness by 56 percent. Workers also reported a 51 percent drop in incidences of eyestrain and a significant drop in headaches, as well. Mulpuri says that while natural light is essential for humans, it presents some difficulties. "Those are in the form of glare and heat," he said. "To control glare, we pull the blinds or shades down, and that's what we fix." View products increase usable space within the office setting, as heat and glare are no longer detractors to sitting next to the window. And according to Mulpuri, "It keeps you comfortable all the time."

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