*By Conor White* United Airlines customers are the least satisfied fliers of any major airline, according to [J.D. Power's North America Airline Satisfaction Study](http://www.jdpower.com/press-releases/jd-power-2018-north-america-airline-satisfaction-study), even as overall customer satisfaction for the airline industry rose for the seventh straight year. United's vice president of loyalty, Luc Bondar, said the air carrier has a plan to win back consumers' trust after a year in which the company was making headlines for all the wrong reasons. "We've really put into place some very critical areas of focus to address them head on," Bondar said in an interview Friday with Cheddar. He said the company's "Core4" initiative empowers United's 90,000 employees to address customers' needs. "It gives them the autonomy and the ability to put caring right up at the top," he said. "Core4" is essentially compassion training, put in place after the company was embarrassed in April 2017 when one of its [passengers was violently dragged off a plane](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMA0pgYmmLE), and when a dog was stashed in an overhead bin, where it died during a flight in March. According to Bondar, any passenger who books a trip on United would experience the improvements. "Flying United I think is a great opportunity today, to see all the changes we're making across the business," he said. For the full interview, [click here](https://cheddar.com/videos/swiping-for-a-better-trip).

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