The holidays are fast approaching, and Twitter users are already sharing their holiday wishlists. And some may be very surprising. The platform reported a 37 percent increase in tweets about Fingerlings. Not the potato, but the children's toy made by Hong Kong-based company WowWee. “[People] are tweeting about the disappointment that they can’t get them on the shelves. They’re tweeting about the elation when they find it,” Matt Derella, Global Vice President of Revenue on Twitter, told Cheddar. Some children may be content with the small toy, but other, more sophisticated kids have been tweeting about video game consoles, such as the Xbox. Microsoft released its Xbox One X this past week and pre-orders were at record levels. The company’s corporate vice president and CMO of gaming noted that some stores opened at midnight for the launch, preparing for avid fans. Derella also said the social media platform has seen a lot of tweets about gaming. The “Call of Duty” franchise is a favorite. Data like this is not only useful for those creating a holiday shopping list. Marketers can use the information too. “If you’re a marketer, if you’re a Best Buy, or a big retailer … think about how you can morph your messaging to connect with the conversation that’s happening on Twitter,” Derella said. The closest holiday is Thanksgiving, only two weeks away, but the platform is already seeing tweets in preparation for Christmas, with a 16 percent increase in moms and a 12 percent increase in dads tweeting about the festivities.

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