Tubi TV is the largest free movie and TV streaming service in the country. The company has collected 7,000 titles from the likes of Paramount and LionsGate. Farhad Massoudi, CEO & Founder of Tubi TV, was with us to chat about the rapidly evolving TV landscape. Tubi TV chose the ad supported business model instead of following the footsteps of Netflix and Hulu and adopting a subscription model. Massoudi backs his decision, saying it is clear consumers aren’t willing to subscribe to yet another subscription service. He adds that most subscription-model streaming services won’t have scale or profitable businesses. Consumers want more TV, but don’t want to pay more for it. Tubi TV has invested heavily into technology to find right content for users. Massoudi shares that Tubi TV just launched its Content Personalization Engine. He breaks down why machine learning is essential to streaming tv services. without a.i., you have no future, he says its evolving, and becoming more technology focused. Amazon and Hulu are having success with original content. Massoudi says there’s been an amazing library content already produced, so he would rather put that content front and center. He adds that most original content isn't good, and the good ones are very expensive.

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