These are the headlines you Need2Know: * President Trump gave a joint news conference with Theresa May on Thursday. While the duo dined last night, The Sun newspaper published a sit-down interview with the president where he criticized May’s handling of Brexit. Trump warns trade deals with England could be nixed if Brexit isn’t handled properly. * Republicans on Wednesday grilled Peter Strzok, an FBI agent who was removed from working on the Trump-Russia investigation after his text messages critical of the president were discovered. Strzok claimed he was not, in any way, biased during the investigation. * Stormy Daniels made an encore appearance after her charges were dropped at the same strip club where she was arrested a night prior. * Serena Williams beat Julia Görges of Germany on Wednesday to progress to her 10th Wimbledon final on Saturday. Cheddar Big News' Jill Wagner tells us the details.

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