Touchnote is the one of the UK's fastest growing apps and has grown exponentially in three years. The postcard-sending company has expanded to America, with CEO and President Oded Ran launching Touchnote USA in Los Angeles. It's been dubbed the world’s most popular postcard-sending service and provides customers a digital solution to sending something customized and thoughtful. Other products include greeting cards, holiday cards, photo books, and canvasses - all made and ordered via the Touchnote app. Ran says it's simple to use and can all be done with the touch of your finger, right on your phone. After creating an account, you simply upload your digital photo, write a personalized note, and choose the address of the person you want to send. Touchnote turns it into a personalized print, takes care of postage and sends it off. Ran also touches on how he grew his business so quickly - making $6 million in sales last year and growing revenues 295% over the past three years. He says it's all about finding something people want and creating a solution that makes it easier for them to do something they would already be doing.

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