Markets are near all-time highs, and those who have missed the boat may be feeling a little bit of FOMO. While tech stocks have led the way for most of the year, it could be time for a change. John Gagliardi, Regional Brokerage Consultant at Fidelity, joined us to discuss strategies for dealing with the fear of missing out on the rally. Tech stocks are the best performing names of the year, but the recent downturn in the group may be signaling a rotation into other sectors. Gagliardi keys in on Alcoa, a big time materials company that often kicks off earnings season. He uses technical analysis to express whether investors may have missed out on the stock’s massive jump higher. The stock’s 20% pull back could give investors another shot. Gagliardi explains how to use technical patterns to make rational investment decisions. He uses a Fidelity tool to pinpoint the optimal times to get into a stock. He adds that by buying at several price points, it can help reduce investment risk and give an investor the chance to bring their average cost.

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