In today's edition of "House Rules" brought to you by Chase Home Lending, Jenna Spesard, founder of "Tiny House Giant Journey", joins to talk about quitting her job and building a tiny house. She's been living and traveling in her tiny home since 2014. People decide to move into tiny houses for many reasons but Spesard says the main ones are: affordability, mobility, and its eco-friendly aspects. She says building one could cost between $60,000-$100,000 and it's pretty cheap to maintain. She says the only thing you may have to do is change your tires every few years! Plus, what will be the newest trend in housing? Spesard says living in a van or bus is becoming more popular. She says she's seeing more people convert a school bus into a house. Also, yurts, tree houses, and shipping containers are starting to become very trendy to live in.

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