Though Broadway will remain dark for the time being while New York City battles the COVID-19 outbreak, theater fans are looking forward to the day doors open.  When they do, more seats will be filled with frontline workers who made that possible. 

TodayTix, a digital ticketing platform for theatrical experiences, has rebranded as TomorrowTix and wants to give back in a way that is authentic to their brand. The company is saving 1,000 of the best seats for essential workers when theater returns. The mission is called Save A Seat Fund.

"We started with an initial 1,000-ticket donation from ourselves, but the idea was to basically put frontline workers and our current heroes around the world in the theaters when they open when it's safe to do so, so they can enjoy a night out, forget the world for a little bit, and have a cathartic experience with those around them,” Brian Fenty, CEO and co-founder of TodayTix, told Cheddar. 

All of the money raised will go towards sending essential workers to theatrical shows, and ‘Modern Family’ star Jesse Tyler Ferguson encouraged his Twitter followers to donate.

The initiative involves partnering with 1,500 theater organizations and individuals worldwide.

"The great news is even though theater organizations are hurting themselves right now, not a single organization said no,” Fenty said. “Everyone said we will find the seats, we will make room, we will open our doors. We want to celebrate everyone who's making our lives possible right now with the energy and spirit of theater."

Fenty also explained the company's decision to change its name during this time. Changing from TodayTix to TomorrowTix, he says, is a way to excite consumers for the day when theaters are back in business. 

"We so believe in the power of Broadway and theater. We have over 1,500 venues and theaters that we work with around the world, and they are all dark right now, which means actors, artists, communities, creators, and audiences are all missing out," said Fenty. “TomorrowTix is really meant to symbolize that while you can't buy tickets today, their theater will return and that it's going to be something we're all going to enjoy. It’ll be critical in the recovery of our great cities, and it's part of the fiber of what we love to do."

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