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The phrase, “smart home”, has come to represent a world of capabilities that make our everyday lives that much easier. From buttons that facilitate reordering supplies, to gadgets and apps that keep our homes safe, the Internet of things has revolutionized the way we live. The pandemic only accelerated adoption; a recent study shows that 51% of consumers actually bought a smart home device to help them adjust to stay-at-home life. 

With all the perks of smart living, it’s no wonder we don’t want simple home items to be, well, simple anymore. Even our lamps are expected to have special features, like the GE C by GE Sol WiFi Alexa Enabled Smart Light: a sleek, minimalist design powered by Amazon Alexa. 

The first Alexa-enabled lighting product to date, Sol provides all the capabilities you’re used to. First thing's first: you can, of course, control the light by voice command. Play music and enjoy exceptional, immersive sound through the 360-degree omni-directional audio. Enjoy your favorite Alexa features like checking the weather, getting the news, or checking on your packages. 

Sol fits right into your existing smart home ecosystem, too. You can use it to control any compatible connected devices, like other lights or fans. As PCMag stated, “it makes a nice addition to a side table in a room lacking Alexa.” 

Form truly meets function in GE Lighting’s latest innovation. The distinct, modern design adds a stylish touch to the room, while enabling a world of capabilities. In a time when even our glasses are becoming smart devices, why not take advantage of the help that smart living devices can give us around the house?

Get the GE C by GE Sol Wifi Alexa Enabled Smart Light for $89.99 (Reg. $199), a savings of 55%. 

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