From the black gowns at the Golden Globes representing Times Up to Kesha's powerful performance at the Grammys, we're certainly in a new era of female leadership and it's not only being felt in Hollywood. It's palpable in the business community as well. Kathleen Davis, Senior Editor at Fast Company joins This Changes Things to discuss how women can keep the wave of empowerment going. Davis talks about how businesses can evaluate their workplace and take note of inequalities. They need to be conscious of gender pay gaps, the number of women in leadership roles and the culture. A big recruiting tool large corporations can use is a positive culture within the company. Plus, what does the next year look like for women? Davis explains that many companies are looking at policies and how they can be changed to protect women against sexual harassment. States are banning the sub-minimum wage so people don't have to work for tips and companies are eliminated forced arbitration so victims aren't cowed into silence with confidentiality agreements.

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