Some of us are beginning our second week of working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic. As the Director of Social Media at Cheddar, I spend a lot of time on Twitter and it seems like a lot of us are struggling with not getting to see our coworkers face-to-face. Now that we’re beginning to rely more heavily on video conferencing, a new trend is emerging: the Work-From-Home Mullet. 

The Work-From-Home Mullet, just like the infamous haircut, is business on top and party on the bottom. But instead of your ‘do, the WFH Mullet is all about your clothes: a business-appropriate top worn with sweats, pajamas or yoga pants. It allows you to look professional while making conference calls, but also maximizes your comfort level while seated for most of the day. 

None of our amazing anchors in the studio have shown up like this, but if they did, we would support them.

But anchor Jill Wagner has been reporting from home and was brave enough to model her version of the WFH mullet.

This guy knows what’s up:

Different name, same brilliant idea: 

This gif says it all:

Are you rockin’ the work from home mullet? Let us know by using the hashtag #WorkFromHomeMullet on Twitter and Instagram!

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