Seven minutes. That’s how long you’d have to pitch your cryptocurrency idea to actor Andrew Duplessie, an angel investor in the space. Then he’d grill you for seven more minutes to make sure you know what you’re talking about and that you’re not just jumping on the bandwagon. “[There] are a lot of people trying to take advantage of the bubble,” said Duplessie during a sit-down interview with Cheddar. Duplessie believes the cryptocurrency industry will continue to evolve from being dominated by programmers into a hub for visionaries. “We’re seeing more legit entrepreneurs that really think about consumers,” he said. “[They] may not be able to code, but they have a really great vision for user interface and design.” He also says start-ups that have already secured Series A or Series B funding are “considering ICOs” in the future. “It only adds a greater value to the entire movement,” Duplessie said. For full interview, [click here](

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