Crypto Hunt may be the Pokémon Go of cryptocurrency, mixing augmented reality and blockchain technology to expose people to digital coins through a game. “We’re going to have our own token,” Joe Blackburn, head advisor at Crypto Hunt, told Cheddar. “That’s going to allow the user to be able to take that token and exchange it on an exchange. And on the roadmap, we’re also going to have debit cards available.” Pokémon Go, which was developed by Niantic in partnership with Nintendo, became a hit mobile game in 2016. Crypto Hunt hasn’t been released yet, but Blackburn hopes to strike similar gold when it is. “I anticipate that we’re going to have a lot of interest, and not just from crypto,” he said. “Let’s say you’re a coffee shop in New York City, and you want to host a Crypto Hunt tournament. We place one of the chests right in front of the coffee shop...The owners of these shops want us there because it’s going to bring people in.” Crypto Hunt will raise funds for its launch in an ICO on March 1. For the full interview, [click here](

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