The newest season of Mythbusters premieres this week. The popular reality series is now on a new channel with two new hosts, Jon Lung and Brian Louden. Cheddar Anchors Kori Hale and Hope King get a sneak peek. When asked about the one myth they would love to bust, Lung and Loudon said they would love to tackle a moment from the movie "The Martian." That's when the fictional astronaut character grows potatoes on Mars with a combination of Martian soil and fecal matter. Lung and Louden became the new hosts after winning a reality competition called "Mythbusters: The Search." The duo says they are lifelong fans, and this season is still "Mythbusters," but with a new twist. Lung and Loudon say they hope to continue the legacy and give fans something for their kids to grow up with. Discovery's longest-running series moved to the Science Channel this year. The new season premieres November 15th.

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