People have compared trading on the stock market to playing a sport. You need to know the players, when to make your move, and how to win. So why not follow the sports industry and sports business like how you follow the stock market news? Corey Leff thinks you should. That is why he started "John Wall Street," a newsletter that covers the ins and outs of the sports industry. Leff joins Cheddar to explain how John Wall Street's approach is different than that of typical sports new outlets. Leff says that John Wall Street covers the sports business in short form and also provides context and opinion. The story that is doing the best this week is one regarding the business of the NFL. This NFL salary cap has risen from $120 million in 2012 to $167 million in 2017. Leff explains how this adjustment has impacted teams. And even though viewership is down on cable channels for NFL games, advertising revenue is still up. Leff says cable viewership may be down, but fan engagement on various channels and platforms is up.

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