From natural disasters to sexual harassment scandals, 2017 has been a year for stressful news. A new survey shows that stress is affecting women's health in surprising ways. Lisa Kennedy, Executive Vice President & GM of Everyday Health Inc., creators of the Women's Wellness Special Report., and Dr. Mike Varshavski, Board Certified Family Physician, join us discuss the state of women's wellness in 2017. Everyday Health conducted the survey after noticing the rise in searches for "wellness" versus "health." We focus on a few specific topics from the survey. Dr. Mike explains why fertility rates are at an all-time low, according to the CDC, while STDs at an all-time high. Kennedy brings up another major source of stress for millennials: finances. Apparently, 62% of millennials worry about finances weekly, as opposed to 35% of boomers. And finally, while the survey revealed that women feel more secure having a "rocking bank account" than a "rocking body," our guests emphasize that many women still struggle with body image.

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