Imagine driving cross-country in a Tesla Model 3 in just 50 hours. That's what Alex Roy, Editor-At-Large at The Drive, did at the end of December. He joins Cheddar to discuss his reaction to Tesla's autopilot feature and charging capability. On Roy's drive, he spent about $100 charging the Model 3. He mentions the cold weather actually negatively affected the car...and himself! Specifically, cold is bad for batteries. Low temperatures slowed down the car's battery. Overall though, he says he loved driving the Model 3. Plus, Tesla disappoints yet again in production numbers for last quarter. In Q4, Tesla delivered 29,870 vehicles, of which 15,200 were Model S's, 13,120 were Model X's, and 1,550 were Model 3's. Roy talks about Tesla's future expectations and urges customers to stick it out and wait to get the Model 3.

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