*By Amanda Weston* People with "get a job" on their list of New Year's resolutions should look to the tech industry, according to a [trends report](https://www.payscale.com/data/economic-trends-2018-2019) from PayScale. "Tech is the winner when it comes to where you really want to go for good career opportunities, high job satisfaction, and good wage growth," Katie Bardaro, PayScale's Chief Economist and VP of Data Analytics, told Cheddar Friday. The company released data showing the top growing jobs of 2018. Full stack software developer took the number one spot by a landslide with 572 percent growth year over year. Bardaro noted the list "isn't too surprising," except maybe for the number two position on the list: director of community engagement, which grew by 294 percent. "That really shows that there is a high emphasis on social media still," Bardaro said. "Some people say that social media might be dying out, it might not prove as valuable of an investment to businesses as it has in the past. But the fact that we're seeing a very large increase in demand for that role shows that's just not true." "In general, what we saw with the pattern is that overwhelmingly the jobs on the list were in the tech sector. But you could specifically have a job that's not related to tech, but still popular within the tech sector. Director of community engagement's an example there. It can exist in non-profits and hospitals as well as the tech industry. And the important point to note is that while tech dominates, it's not necessarily the winner always." Rounding out the top five growing jobs were lead graphic designer at 234 percent growth, customer success team manager with a 212 percent increase, and senior mobile developer with 194 percent growth. As for 2019, PayScale predicts tech will continue to lead the way. Its top three areas of job growth are cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and big data. For full interview [click here](https://cheddar.com/videos/technology-community-engagement-reign-as-growing-job-trends).

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