Super Bowl LIV weekend is underway and most of us will be enjoying the festivities from anywhere other than Miami's Hard Rock Stadium thanks to sky-high ticket prices running upwards of $6,000 on StubHub.

What if I told you that you could score a Super Bowl ticket if you gave up one thing? What would it be? A kidney? Sex? Well, some fans said just that, according to a survey from Ticketmaster. The survey of 3,200 NFL fans found that 35 percent say they would give up drinking for a year to score a ticket, 14 percent would give up sex, and seven percent even say they would even donate a kidney to go to the big game.

Some fans have even come up with ways where you can get paid to go to the Super Bowl...and also possibly get arrested.

The excitement for the Super Bowl is so real, that StubHub has even created a reasonable payment plan with a 30 percent interest rate so you can secure your seat at the game.

But, not everyone is willing to go into debt for this year’s championship game.

Sports fan or not the Ticketmaster survey makes you wonder: How far would you go for some free tickets to the country’s biggest sporting event?

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